Plamek AS is a company in Rubb Industries.


Fabric cladding

Plamek constructs fabric buildings which are clad with tough PVC impregnated polyester fabric. This type of cladding membrane is durable, fully waterproof and able to withstand vibrations caused by high winds. The membrane is tensioned over a steel structure and anchored to the foundations. The high quality fabric has a life expectancy of up to 25 years depending on environmental conditions. Moreover, due to ease of erection and attachment, the cladding can be replaced easily if required.

The fabric is tested with respect to tensile strength, elongation, tearing strength, bursting strength, coating adhesion and resistance to flexing according to BS 3424. The fabric is flame retardant and self-extinguishing to BS 5438 Test 2B.

Steel cladding

Plamek can construct any steel clad building to suit your requirements.
We erect a wide range of relocatable and lightweight steel clad structures to fulfil short-term needs, as well as installing permanent steel buildings. They are ideal options for storage of materials, stock, equipment and industrial machinery. Steel clad buildings are also an ideal solution for loading bays.

Plamek can also install a range of fittings, including internal walls, flooring, lighting, additional insulation, roller shutter doors, sectional doors and dock levelling equipment.

As a building material, stainless steel is durable, resistant to corrosion and very easy to maintain. Steel cladding features positive aesthetic and architectural qualities which ensure that your new building also looks good. Steel cladding can provide security due to its strength and resilience. Depending on the steel cladding options you choose, it also provides excellent insulation properties.

Maintaining steel cladding is simple. It can be cleaned with soapy water. At the end of a building’s life, steel cladding can be easily recycled.


Plamek can help upgrade your building with innovative, flexible, insulated fabric cladding systems, which provide many eco-friendly benefits in an increasingly energy conscious world. Thermohall insulated fabric can be used to clad many structure types, from small standard shelters up to large scale, multi-span aircraft hangars. The fabric provides many benefits to help promote energy efficiency. Flexible, insulated Thermohall fabric has been used across a wide variety of sectors and applications, including MRO aircraft hangars, multi sport indoor playing facilities and standard storage warehouses to create climate controlled environments.