Plamek AS is a company in Rubb Industries.


Ola Tronrud Industrial Building Project

Plamek has constructed several projects for Ola Tronrud AS, including a smaller aircraft hangar and this large industry building for rental purposes.

This building was designed in keeping with the main building that was already built on site at Eggemoen, Hønefoss. The external landmarks and aesthetics had to be considered, so all the colours featured in the building materials were carefully adjusted to suit the existing building.

Furthermore, the glass facades were adapted to meet the customer’s requirements.

Project Big industrial structure, constructed for the purpose of renting out the building to other companies.
Location Eggemoen, Hønefoss
Client Ola Tronrud AS
Building Specifications 30m x 108m
Eaves 9.6m
Purpose of building Norwegian Titanium rents part of the building. The structure also accommodates Ola Tronrud’s own assembly hall and finally an additional section of the facility is used as an aircraft hangar.