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Ship hangars – Nøtterøy

Vrengen Maritime operates with winter storage, sales and service related to the yacht market in Vestfold.

Hallmaker and Vrengen Maritime together developed a cost-effective project with a unique space utilization per sqm. Vrengen Maritime stores 500 feet per sqm in the insulated steel hall from Hallmaker. Føynland Invest expanded out of its premises on Føynland and contacted Hallmaker who designed a building adapted to their needs. Eight months later the built was finished and Føynland moved into the new building with offices, sales facilities and winter storage.

Project Ship hangars for sale, exhibition and winter storage
Where Nøtterøy
Client Føynland Invest AS and Vrengen Maritime AS
About project Two insulated steel halls of 1000 sqm (25 x 40 m / 11 m high)