Plamek AS is a company in Rubb Industries.


Plamek constructs frozen food solution for Norrek Dypfrys AS

Plamek AS was tasked by Rubb AS to erect a Thermohall® cold storage solution for Norrek, who use the building for washing and processing frozen fruit and vegetables.

With temperature control being key for this project, 50mm Thermohall® insulation was selected for the cladding to ensure a consistent ambient temperature for the goods. The final building measures in at 20m wide by 40m long with a 6m sidewall, allowing plenty of space for Norrek’s operations. Easy access is provided by two 4m x 4.5m roller shutter doors to the side, and one 5m x 4.5m roller shutter door to the front gable.

Plamek’s project manager, Anders Bjerregaard, commented that the erection of this building had its challenges, as there were delivery trucks driving around the site on a daily basis during installation.  This meant that they “had to lift and install the building in halves.” Plamek has vast experience installing thousands of buildings so they rose to the challenge.

The other unique aspect of this installation were the canopies that sit over the doors, but again this was solved on-site by Plamek’s expertise.

Plamek used two-and-a-half weeks for installation. This was accomplished with four men on-site for the first three days, and then only two men after that.  The installation took a bit longer than normal due to the complexity of the site and the canopies. The end result, however, was very good and the customer was happy with the end product.