Plamek AS is a company in Rubb Industries.


Helge R Olsen

Location: Hønefoss, Norway
Client: Helge R Olsen
Building Specifications: 40m x 90m
Eaves Height/Sidewalls: 6m
Height: 12m
Cladding type: Thermo cladding 50mm
Purpose of project: Logistics terminal

After many years of use as a dehumidified storage building solution, this rental project required a heating system upgrade to meet the client’s needs. To accommodate a climate-controlled environment, Plamek replaced the existing ventilated, single-layer fabric cladding with an insulated Thermohall cladding system. The 40m x 90m building features a self-supporting galvanized truss framework and is used as a logistics terminal. It was therefore important for the customer that the operations could continue as normal, and that the goods were protected from the weather while the fabric upgrade was carried out. Plamek successfully removed and replaced the new insulated cladding in each area/section (approximately 750 m²) within one day. This project was completed in just four weeks.